Toadie Joadie Fly rod frogs


Fly Rod Bassin' in the Weeds!

'Explosive Strikes from Hidin' Hawgs’

  • Slides easily through weed beds, lily pads and brush
  • Body length: 2"
  • Weight: 1/8 oz.
  • Nine tasty color patterns
  • Streamlined, easy to cast

Bassin' Tips

Fish Toadie Joadie on a heavy leader, at least 8-lb. test. If fishing heavy mats, use a single length of 8-lb. mono for the leader instead of a composite leader of varying pound test. This helps keep the leader weed-free.

When fishing weed beds, cast far onto the grass mat, beyond large openings or

holes. Use quick jerks to pull the lure into the holes and let it sit for a ten-second count before giving Toadie Joadie a slight twitch, repeating in each large opening in the mat. 

For laydowns and other structure, cast Toadie Joadie beyond the structure and retrieve your lure using a medium to slow retrieve. Cast as close as possible to the right or left of the structure. Always vary your retrieve and rhythm until you find what the bass want. 

Expect vicious strikes when the lure swims off the mat into a hole or opening. When a bass strikes, pause at least a second before raising your rod to set the hook.